Polyurethane scraper, blades

We produce effective, lightweight blades, caps, polyurethane scraper, blades for:

  • snow plows in all sizes and shapes
  • municipal vehicles

Our polyurethane parts are made of best components, raw materials, they will maintain optimal performance parameters even in the harshest weather conditions. We provide polyurethane blades for snow removal from:

  • airport runways,
  • motorways, expressways, trunk and roads,
  • private use in forklifts and quads.

Polyurethane blades will perfectly fulfill their snow removal task; a huge advantage is a high abrasion resistance in the temperature range from -60 to 60.
We produce polyurethane ploughshares with custom-made hardness according

We also offer scraper, blades for the most popular snow plows:


Simple scraper, blades are custom-made. We also manufacture scraper, blades for belt conveyors.