Modular studded sieves

They are used mainly in the mining industry for the separation of mineral raw materials. They can achieve a perfectly even sieve surface for a moderate price. Sieves are fitted with special studs.

Modular panel sieves

Along all the sieves are provided with fitting recesses. Panel sieves are attached to the screen grid by means of special mushroom-shaped strips. Sieves are reinforced with steel profiles. They are also made in double-layer versions with a soft top layer.

Segment sieves

Sieves are reinforced with a steel cable (sieves for longitudinal or transverse tension, with a steel catch), a composite rod (sieves without catches hooks, are attached by strips and wedges). Sieves for tensioning allow the fitting in various types of screening devices, without having to modify the existing design.

Inserted sieves

Standard dimensions of inserted sieves are 404x434mm and 300x750mm. The design of sieves allows their very quick replacement, reducing thereby the labor intensity for repairing screens.